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Artigos e Notícias
Lasalletech Adds Algo Testing to FIX Conductor, Offers year end product specials at FIX Latin America Electronic Trading Conference

Lasalletech x Extol


HANCOCK, Michigan -- Lasalletech has established itself as a leader in financial technology productivity tools with their FIX Workbench Suite: FIX Explorer, FIX Technician and FIX Detective. This week they announce the availability for early adopters of an algorithmic testing framework to FIX Conductor, a web-based certification and on-boarding tool.

Lasalletech recognized the need for the industry to provide comprehensive quality management systems to address safety and system wide risks from autonomous trading applications.

FIX Conductor is a web application that makes it easy for firms to streamline their on-boarding process. "When looking at existing on-boarding processes around the industry, we identified many areas that could be automated. In addition to automating the certification process, FIX Conductor allows firms to capture valuable CRM information from their clients with little to no interaction from administrators," states Jacob Northey, Product Manager and Managing Partner at Lasalletech.

Conductor makes it easy to track the progress of customers certifying. Because it is web-based, customers can certify on their own time. There is no need to monitor or interact with the user. At any time, a test administrator can access a testing session and view the communication between the client and the service.

Jim Northey, Senior Partner at Lasalletech, will be speaking on latency monitoring and the future of FIX at the FIX Latin America Electronic Trading Conference being held in Sao Paulo, Brazil on August 2nd. Event attendees will be able to take advantage of show only special offers on Lasalletech products, including FIX Detective, the industry leading monitoring and management application, which provides quality management for brokers and exchanges. FIX Detective is the most scalable monitoring and management application for the FIX Protocol available today, having a proven multi-year track record monitoring and persisting tens of millions of orders per day in real time. FIX Detective supports real world practical latency monitoring and reporting, using real time graphical displays and event monitoring.

Lasalletech's FIX Product Suite is sold and used across the globe. Current partners providing sales and support include Chelmer in Asian and Middle Eastern markets, Macdonald Associates in UK and European markets and EXTOL in Latin American markets. Lasalletech continues to form strategic global partnerships and deliver innovative products and tools for the industry.

Please stop by the EXTOL / Lasalletech booth at the FIX Latin America Conference on August 2nd to participate in show specials

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