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FIX Concept

The expertise of Extol together with Bovespa brokers, in which we have introduced the FIX protocol, made it feasible for us to open up an electronic negotiation stock market gate to international market.

The above mentioned gate brought an expressive increase in operational volume to all brokers that profited from Extol FIX server.
Presently, this FIX server endures several connections at the same time; it also makes it possible for us to be of service to foreign clients that receive the electronic confirmation seconds after the business is accomplished at Bovespa. This process, known as “execution confirmation”, allows total transparency of the carried-out businesses. The demanding of an operational dynamics which fulfills international algorithm systems is endured by this FIX router, once the parameterizations of features are made in distinct time zones and then sent to brokers all over the world that make use of this protocol.

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Products & Solutions:

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Electronic Negotiation and Managemental of Executions
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